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Our Karate-jutsu sessions found within the Bushido Combat Academy system focuses of all aspects of realistic defence against real world scenarios using the ancient principles of "Applied" techniques, rather than your more standard punch, block, kick, line drill training.


This system of combat is hands on at all times and will pressure test each situation using set principles of application through both single partner and small group practice, utilising evasion, absorption, control, and finish. Through full body strikes, joint manipulation, chokes and vital point activation..


Our system follows the Toudi Jutsu techniques researched by the Tsubokai society, this is an ancient form of martial arts based on the oldest - once lost teachings of the masters of old. By following these teachings we have a style that uses your natural body movements with devastating effects.





Striking, kicking, knee & elbow work 



Clinch work, takedowns & Throws 



Ground attack and defence 



Joint locking work 

(Kansetsu - waza), 


Chokes and Strangles

(Shime - waza), 


Self Defence Controls

(Goshin - waza). 

Although the martial arts take years to perfect, through these ancient methods of teaching, you will be able to defend yourself in real world combat situations in just a few weeks.  Our system is based around the fact that you do not have to be big and powerful to defend yourself. This is due to the fact that the ancient forms use natural balance and various “Reaction points” on the body to repel almost any kind of attack you can think of,  therefore a smaller person can very easily overpower a much larger person.  also because the principles within our art are using your body as it would naturally move, not only is it quick to learn – but once you have learned the basics, they will become a natural reaction should they ever be needed – and that is the most important thing when defending yourself.

Combine this with our “Chi Kung” (breathing) and combat conditioning, your fitness and overall health will naturally rise too.


In addition to the standing techniques found wihtin the Karate-Jutsu system, we also encourage the practice of what we describe as Technical groundwork principles - these are skills to both defend and attack on the ground should you find yourself in this postiton with an unskilled attacker.  


with all the best intentions and everything in place, you can never with 100% certainty determine where a real confrontation is going to end up, and not having a solid grounding in all areas is truly a recipe for disaster.  


Our tehcnical ground applications work the same principles of the standing ones,



     ~ Punch (Kick) protection - Control - Transition - Defeat/Escape ~ 



Our Technical Groundwork Applications are worked in rotation with our Technical standing applications (through our 30 class rotational class format) to give our student the chance to learn and be comfortable in ALL areas of self defence and be capable of dealing with any situation regardless of where the attack takes place. either standing or on the ground - "This was the Toudi Jutsu way of  complete defence"

Karate Jutsu is a complete stand alone system of defence, and it is pretty much all you should ever need to learn,  however we do combine it with our BK1 Combat system of combination striking/Kicking with its additional pad drills, footwork drills and cardio enhancement through its free sparring structure (Like MMA in a traditional uniform) 

to create a complete understanding of both the more technical close range close quater defence side and the more basic onto advanced principled distance fighting approach. 

As the greatest warrior in history "Myomoto Musashi" once said" to know your opponants skill set as well as he does, give you the ultimate advantage in battle"

These Karate Jutsu sessions are ideal for those that are looking to learn close quarter, quick fire. "You get the first go, the rest is ALL me" kind of defence strategies 

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Adults 16yrs - 60+ can now get 2 x FREE Self Defence classes in our amazing “Adult close quarter defence programme.” As part of our no obligation FREE beginners trial. 

This System of traditional principles of combat that have been used successfully for centuries to combat real life scenarios that fit perfectly for the streets of today. No gimmicks or flowery techniques, just realistic, effective self defence..

* Atemi waza (standing techniques)

* Kansetsu waza (joint locks)

* Shime waza (choking techniques)

* Nage waza (throwing techniques)

* Goshin waza (self defence work)

* Ne-waza (ground techniques)

No previous experience necessary and you do NOT need to be fit to take 2 FREE Classes ...

there is no obligation to join after the training if its not for you have nothing to lose

Our program has been proven to improve: 


* Aggressive confrontation prevention techniques

* Massively boost your self confidence and lower your stress levels

* The peace of mind that you have the ability to deal with unwanted altercations should they arise

* Extra health & fitness as a natural by product of training

* Build your self esteem

So what are we still waiting for :) 

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