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Our "Junior Self Defence Programme"

A programme like no other currently on offer, 

enables kids of all abilities between the ages of 6 - 13 to learn realistic applicable self defence and safety methods, blending both "Striking & Non Striking" control and escape strategies, incorporating: risk management, distance management, clinch control, punch protection, takedowns & throwing techniques by unbalancing though leverage against all possible scenarios that can occur both in the school and public environment - this programme was designed to allow a student to negate all attacks from the initial attack to the controlled and safe conclusion in a non aggressive manner. 



Unlike many Kids Martial arts classes, that teach children a watered down version of Adult martial arts that would be practically impossible for them to learn or use, let alone need. our programme works on the assumption that should a child be attacked (bullied) it will be from another child either in their own age bracket or at least close to it, therefore these techniques are both practical and more importantly they are Usable.


In additional our Striking & Kicking combinations are predominately trained in isolation (non partner work) alongside the non striking programme, by using pad drills on the striking and kicking pads. 


These are trained now as a foundation in preparation for later training (14+) when the striking and kicking arts come more to prevalence.. However there are also controlled sparring sessions that enables the kids to learn correct distance and timing of the techniques.


parents that have enrolled their children into the programme have reported back on the great benefits to their kids, such as renewed confidence, self discipline and focus. not to mention the extra fitness and fun in having a new group of friends.


Im not ashamed to say that, although not 100% of the techniques found within our JSD - Junior Self defence programme were invented from scratch by myself,  however the order and structure of the curriculum and the flow of progression is totally 100% our own, and i truly believe you will be very hard pushed to find anywhere a Junior system that covers the most valuable lessons and principles of training and indeed life skills, that this system has in the way that ours does..


providing all junior students with every single thing they would ever need to develop into not only a very accomplished martial artist in the future, but also the invaluable knowledge and skills they need NOW at this young age to help combat the threat of peer bullying and to build the character to help them through these early years, enabling them to have a fun and safe childhood, both in the public and school environment.


WE owe it to OUR children to provide these tools "now", so they can continue to develop on their own in the future... can we afford to do it?? more like can we afford not too!!!


If you feel as strongly about your Childs future as we do, then lets work together.....

Simply drop us a line  though our contact page and lets get you booked into your 2 WEEK FREE trial..


there is no obligatin to join after the trial, so you have NOTHING to loose, but EVERYTHING to gain

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Kids 6 Years and up can now get 2 x FREE Self Defence classes in our amazing kids programme. As part of our no obligation Free beginners trial 

This revolutionary System is designed purely for the kids to help them combat REAL situations at their current age. (unlike a watered down adult system) and is now being offered to YOU.....

for you 2 x FREE CLASSES - Simply contact  us below to register your interest 

there is no obligation to join after the training lif its not for you have nothing to lose

Our kids program has been proven to improve:


Bully prevention techniques


Self esteem in your child

Respect for themselves and others

Enhanced concentration abilities

Health & fitness

Self- Discipline and respect for others

Focus and determination


For more info:

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