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Its never been easier to get started -

 FREE 2 Class Beginners trial 

Check out our Junior & Adult training Clips below by clicking on the icon





Juniors 6yrs – 15yrs 

Adults of 16yrs – 65yrs


2 Classes of FREE TRAINING!

 Classes perfect for beginners 


It’s better to know self defence and never use it than need it and not know it!


Benefits of our classes…


  • Learn valuable skills

  • Increase fitness

  • Enhance confidence

  • Improve Mental health

  • Improve Physical health


Tell a friend who might want to get involved with you


All you need to do is contact us below to get involved


 FREE 2 Class Beginners trial  



And always remember that if you choose for whatever reason NOT to start with us after your FREE trial  then we will part as friends.  Who knows, maybe we will see you again in the future when you feel you are ready to embark on the amazing life changing journey that is the martial arts.


so what are you waiting for?

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