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BK1 & BK2 Combat

Our free fighting style of our system, are our BK1 Classes. (our Junior Version is BK2)


these are so called as they incorporate a number of principles from numerous standing styles such as (Karate - Kempo - Kickboxing - Thai Boxing combined with the more grappling based Judo & Ju Jitsu New-waza to control the clinch, takedown, throw and work on the ground. that are blended together to work as one (hence the 1 in BK1)

A basic description of our BK1 classes, would be that our combat classes are the Full flow, stand up to ground free sparring classes of our fighting systems, these classes are ideal for those that like their martial arts less slow paced & technical, but more fast paced & physical, however the total beauty of this system is that you work at your own pace, and at every level you will naturally obtain a great deal of skill and extra fitness as you move through the belts... in fact its a perfect system for anyone that wishes to work fitness and cardio without having to keep up with the rest.


your pace, your work rate... your development.


Nobody is ever forced to fight anyone should they not wish too, and all free sparring is designed to each individuals pace and ability in both skill level and fitness level - the majority of the fitness work is through our specially designed pre determined pad drills, and this allows each person to gain great extra fitness and health benefits in a controlled and safe manner, whilst automatically obtaining some great natural & effective self defence skills along the way.. Although there is no doubt that a student who is proficient in this system will be able to defend themselves in a real world confrontation, this is definitely more geared towards the competitive realm of Martial arts rather than our full on self defence curriculums in our Karate Jutsu syllabus that is totally street defence orientated 


This is a system that really does contain all the techniques needed to cover all areas of combat, from the standing striking and kicking arts.... including their body shifting, evasion and footwork... the level and distance changes of grappling arts... the takedowns and throws of throwing arts.... along with the ground defence and protection techniques of the "Ju" arts such as Ju(do) - Ju(Justu) ne-waza

In The BK1 combat sessions you will learn, Basic through to advanced distance fight combination work containing. 


Striking, kicking, knee & elbow work 



Clinch work, takedowns & Throws 



Ground attack and defence 


These techniques are worked through pre determined pad drills as well as live sparring with a partner. In addition to this we work the cardiovascular system through added strength & conditioning (s&c) 

People often refer to our BK1 classes as looking like MMA in a Gi, and I guess that's a fair comparison, although there is a lot more to it than that - its actually a very technical system, disguised as basic training, by cleverly using the correct principles of body movement to make it seem like a piece of cake.


A system that litterally anyone can both take part in and benefit greatly from, regardless of age of current fitness levels. many of our students train in this system as a "Pure fitness" programme, and they just happen to learn some great realistic self defence as they go -


REAL Techniques, worked in a way that fitness and health comes as part of the package...... so what are you waiting for? 

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